Our Process.

Our Process...

1. Damage Analysis and Authorization to Repair

Curreri's trained estimators work with your insurance company to get a repair plan established and they present that to you, address any concerns or special requests you may have and then once you agree on the repair plan and give your authorization your vehicle moves into the hands of our repair team.

2. Vehicle Disassembly

Our certified estimator will analyze your vehicle prior to writing the repair plan and once the repair plan gets into motion our certified technicians remove the damaged parts which allows us inspect for hidden damage. If any is hidden damage is discovered we work with your insurance company to get them approved for repair.

3. Unibody and Frame Analysis

Using the industry's best computerized laser measuring system we analyze your frame and unibody to make sure your car comes back to you as perfect as it was pre-collision.

4. Body Repair

Any necessary exterior body panels are repaired or replaced, new sheet metal is installed, as appropriate, and the vehicle is aligned to OEM specifications by our trained technicians.

5. Exterior Paint and Refinishing

Curreri Collision proudly uses Glassurit 90 Line Paint products which is the collision industry's finest automotive paint system. Using this state of the art system our paint team determines your exact color match, prepares the vehicle for paint and then sprays your car in one of our spray booths.

6. Reassembly

All parts that may have been removed during the repair process are now re-installed or replaced and your vehicle is put back in OEM condition.

7. Detailing

Our detailing team goes through your vehicle, inside and out, and does a complimentary complete re-conditioning on the car. This is our favorite part of the process and where our quality of work truly shines through.

8. Final Quality Inspection (Mechanical and Body)

While we maintain inspections through each and every step in the procees, prior to delivery, your vehicle is inspected by both our Body and Mechanical foreman to assure it meets all of our strict standards and your car is ready to be delivered back to you.

9. Delivery

Curreri will call you during this process to arrange a time for you to come inspect and take possession of your vehicle. During this time, if applicable, we will accept your rental/loaner vehicle and return it for you to the rental/leasing agency.

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